About Our Business
A1 Productions Unlimited is owned by Jim and Beth Henry. We have been in business
since 1999. Starting with children dance videos and school performances from our
local area here in Washington State, we have traveled to Oregon, and Idaho, for
weddings and live outside events (Adam Westman Bull riding). We work out of our
home to make your one on one visit more personable for your event. My husband
has an AA in Broadcasting Production services. I maintain the business aspect of the
secretarial duties and meet one on one with clients. With weddings we provide
packages that fit your budget, and work with you on details for your special day. For
legal depositions we will work with your attorney or other legal professionals. Making
a commercial for your business is as easy as 1-2-3. We come to your location and
have a narrative format of your business. Need an extra copy of a special moment?
We provide DVD transfers and copies at a low cost not to break your budget. If you
are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday ball party, our DJ has all the
latest music you can request, or use your own personal music. I and my husband
have done many training videos for companies that want new or updated versions
from their old ones. Gives us a call and get the latest information about what we have
to offer on our packages. Separate items if you would like to have included are:
Mirror ball, small dancing light bar, overhead large light bar (including different
colored jells), fog machine, also karaoke.
About Us