What is a Video Inventory?

A video inventory is a video recording of your home
and/or business, their contents, your family members,
pets, outbuildings, private collections, antiques, fine
jewelry, guns, coins, comic books, etc.
A video inventory can be used in the event of a Fire,
Theft, Vandalism or other disaster to properly complete
insurance claim inventories in order to get the best
insurance settlement possible.
  • Recording of contents and valuables
  • Record of fine jewelry or other valuables.
  • Fire or Flood damage
  • Natural disaster damage
  • Proof of ownership
  • Theft cases
  • Before and after recordings of rental property conditions
  • Any other necessary permanent record that can be
  • Fire Damage
Our Services Include
complete video taping
Are You ...
Take this simple test; look around your home or office. Now, close your eyes
and try to remember every detail of every item in the room.  Could you do it?  
Try writing down all of the items in the room, from electronics to pictures on the
wall as well as lamps, tables and sentimental pieces.

Now, even if you could remember, would you be able to remember the size,
cost and condition, an overwhelming task even in the best of times.

In the midst of a tragedy, comprehension is difficult. Trying to remember all of
your belongings only intensifies an already stressful situation.

When it comes to natural disasters, British Columbia residents know firsthand
that it pays to plan ahead. Dealing with wildfires, floods, storms, earthquakes
and other disasters can cost us millions of dollars each year. Home invasion or
burglary is another event none of us want to think about, but today is a personal
disaster possibility we all could encounter.

Possibly you are a seasonal resident and use a professional home watch
service, With A1 Productions and Productions Unlimited, you can have an up to
date written and digital inventory for comparison to your ongoing home
inspection reports. In the event of a broken or lost item you have instant access
showing the item and description.
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