We are here to help you acknowledge the impact of your own
life, or the life and death of someone you love or care about
very much.  Through our many years of experience, we have
found that having all of the family members, and friends,
create and participate in the funeral ceremony provides all with
an understanding of the life lived meaning of its loss that will
forever affect their lives.

Take the time to plan ahead to create a ceremony that will have meaning to you and to
those who will remain after your death.  Also, bear in mind, the funeral director will allow
ample time after your death for your family to assemble and to prepare for and bring
their own perspective to complement the meaningful funeral you create. This means
there is no time pressure to have a funeral in haste.  When a death occurs, many
families can wait 5, 10, 14 or even up to 30 days to hold a funeral in order to allow time
to make the necessary preparations for a meaningful ceremony as well as to provide
time for family members to arrange time off from work and travel.  

       With help A1 Productions Unlimited can create a beautiful                                      
        video of your loved ones, and therefore have a beautiful                                       
        memory of them to cherish for a lifetime. You may also                                        
        want a Video created so that those that cannot make it                                         
        to the funeral can have a lasting memory of their dear                                          

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